Hydro Evacuation

The Vactor HXX Vacuum Excavator uses high-pressure water to break up and cut through soil. A high-flow vacuum system then lifts the soil out of the excavation area.

Increase safety and decrease the costs of digging around buried utility.

Avoid the costs associated with power outages, burst water lines or gas explosions resulting from a backhoe or trencher hitting a buried utility.

Dig with precision and in a less-invasive way.

Vacuum excavation allows operators to dig with precision and in a less-invasive manner than traditional digging methods. It dramatically reduces the likelihood of damaging utility installations and often causes less surface damage. Vacuum excavation can also be used to locate and expose existing utility lines.

Non-destructive vacuum excavation is quickly gaining acceptance as a relatively safe and effective alternative to traditional excavation methods.

Vacuum excavation has a wide range of applications:

  • Excavating remotely at long distances
  • Exposure of live gas distribution lines
  • Utility excavation
  • Excavation in frozen ground
  • Potholing
  • Slot trenching
  • Water-line repair
  • Valve box clean out
  • Sign and pole installation
  • Pipe location

Vactor has a 50-year heritage of selling over 10,000 units based on vacuum technology. They set the industry standards for moving air and water at safe, yet productive, pressure ranges. They stand alone in providing the vacuum strength and efficiency needed to quickly remove loosened soil and debris.

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