There are several reasons why the Mile After Mile program may be a great choice:

  1. Guaranteed cost for simple budgeting.
  2. Guaranteed equipment availability for 90% of normal work days.
  3. Newer Equipment more often. Better image and features.
  4. Service at your location for routine maintenance and most repairs. Eliminate the need to take equipment to the repair facility. Repairs are priority not back burner.
  5. Loaner equipment for any repair which cannot be made within a 5 working day timeframe. Get the job done reliably.
  6. On-going dialogue with you about the condition of the unit as well as helpful tips to aid in reducing the cost of wearable items through proper settings.
  7. Service on these very specialized units can be very time consuming and difficult for standard facilities. Often a sweeper or combo truck will be pushed to the “back burner” and may sit for long periods of time but with this program, one call and a technician trained to work on these very specialized vehicles will come to your location to resolve the issue and get you back in operation.
  8. Guaranteed end of term value. Because we only sell the very best, there is significant value at the end of the agreement.  This value reduces your payment while giving you access to the best equipment available. We will give you the option to purchase the equipment at a value stated at the beginning of the agreement. If you choose not to purchase then we will pay the balloon payment, take title and offer the option of a brand new unit on a new agreement.
  9. All of the required maintenance and repairs are covered except for operator damage, theft, vandalism and the normal wear items like tires, brooms and hoses.
  10. The total cost for having the finest equipment ready to do the job when you need it, is very often greatly reduced. The associated costs of personnel, travel and planning is also a big reason to consider this unique and valuable option.

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