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    Equipment that:
    Lasts longer
    Spends less time in the garage
    Keeps you on schedule

    Since 1972 we’ve been helping customers just like you provide outstanding service to their customers.
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Not All Equipment Is Made Equal!

Unlike our competitors, we're with you Mile After Mile.

There’s more to the cost of new equipment than the purchase price. Make the wrong choice and you’ll sink a lot of money into it.

Before you sign the contract make sure you understand your true cost of ownership. 

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Serving You Regardless Of Whom You Serve

Whatever your market, our resources minimize your downtime and keep you on schedule









Featured Equipment

New and used equipment you can own today

American Made & Owned

That goes for our equipment AND parts

If you buy equipment made overseas, will parts be available right when you need them?

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  • You're In It For The Long Haul.
    We're Right There With You.

    We’ve seen it time and time again. Customers, just like you, are fed up with equipment that’s always in the garage, doesn’t have readily accessible parts and just isn’t dependable.

    We can save you tons of frustration and money in the long haul.

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